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So this is a medium to long term job. The site is not responsive This is also a reason that explains the poor positioning of the site on Google. Algorithms analyze user experience to rank a page. To do this, they use criteria such as the site’s navigability to suggest it to users. More than half of Google searches are done via mobile , so if your site isn’t mobile friendly , that could be why it ranks poorly. 5 – Outdated look If your website is a bit dated, it might look dated to customers. So do an exercise: go to the competitors’ website and compare with yours.

Is it worth investing in paid traffic

Now, answer do they have any functionality or a look that helps improve the user experience. If the answer is yes, then it’s time to create a new website! Today, companies opt for a cleaner design because it makes navigating the site easier. Also, when they Chile WhatsApp Number List land on the page, users need to know exactly how to find what they want. Therefore, the structure needs to be as simple and objective as possible. If you’ve already considered these five points and realized that you need to create a new website, then don’t waste any more time. We work in the development of institutional websites and optimized and responsive virtual stores. We offer all the solutions your company needs to go further.

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Choose the right platform for your audience

Get in touch right now and let’s talk!If your business relies on digital to sell, then you need to be concerned about SEO . It is estimated that around 3.5 billion searches are performed on Google every day . This search volume shows how important it is that you optimize your site so that it ranks well in the search engine. To reaffirm this need, surveys show USA Person that 90% of users only access the first links that appear in the search. That’s why we’ve listed five very important SEO tips for beginners! 1- Define keywords First of all, define the keywords that will bring users to your site.


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