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Trends or at least browses some of the popular social networking sites has surely notic that sites that gradually appear as you gaining in popularity. This type of processing is call infinite scrolling. a term that means infinite scrolling. Wouldn’t this hurt positioning? The technology can be observ on platforms such as or. and can also be us in aggregat images and observ on the portal. It’s the fact that initially the data pages seem to be short. However. as a user. using the mouse wheel. arrows. or browser slider. moving down loads more elements.

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In this way. Internet users can read without Macedonia Phone Number List interruptions that would normally result from having to go to the next page. Why read endlessly?  nothing more than a webmaster’s curiosity. However. it actually has many practical applications. It turns out that Internet users are more likely to spend the next few minutes browsing content if their attention is not occupi by navigation. In practice. every ne to find a button that takes you to more subpages distracts the user and they may end up leaving the site. Especially if the content itself is.

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Just for entertainment. and viewers know USA Person that launching subsequent pages is just a waste of time. Among fans of pages (for example) that . there is a syndrome of one more page. where Internet users commit to take a look before closing their browsers. By using infinite scrolling techniques. website developers have the opportunity to retain users for longer without setting clear indicators for the end of content display.


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