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Outsource the wood extraction  Audience Target Audience is a broader definition with some characteristics of your company’s audience, without specific details. Examples: Between, Married, and Female. They work for medium or large Brazilian or foreign companies. Monthly income between , . reais and , . The ideal customer profile The ideal customer profile is a representation of the best customers segmented based on demographic data. One can define multiple roles. An example of an ideal customer profile for the machinery industry: ? Male, average age.

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Hold positions as Administrative Lithuania Phone Number List Manager, Corporate Partner, ProductManagerDepartment Head, Production Manager, Purchasing Supervisor, Purchasing Manager, Purchasing Manager, Full Purchasing Analyst. The company he works for: Food Industry. The company produces products: yerba mate, coffee (ground and grain), animal feed (dogs and cats), various cereals and grains (beans, rice, corn, popcorn, coffee). Ideal output: to tons per month. Packaging mode: partly manual, partly automated. Number of employees: more than one person. Area of ​​operation: The whole of Brazil, with restrictions in some states (Amazon, Pala.

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Maranhão, Acre, Roraima, Amapa and Tocantins). Why do companies need to have a definition like Imagine being able to WS Numbers  sell only to customers with high buying potential, wouldn’t it be more fun and easier for your sales team? This becomes a reality as the ideal customer profile is defined. Additionally, your company can explore a blue ocean of opportunity to focus on untouched or undiscovered highly profitable markets. The main advantages of definition are: Specialization: Focusing on a certain branch of the market makes your company specialize in delivering results to that market. Therefore, experts, and provide all clients with the same type or very similar deliveries.

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