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Beatrice valli shar one of her video challenges on tik tok .In this period. The new social network has been the protagonist of many stories and posts by influencers. Always with the aim of sharing true and above all cheerful moments with which to engage its audience. The miv® generat by beatrice valli’s voce influencer was €501k with just 2 posts and an audience of almost 250 thousand people. Influencer marketing will be increasingly ‘bottom-up’ so right now. We’re seeing brands rely on influencers to communicate with consumers in a more authentic and relevant way. In order to satisfy an audience that is prominantly online. This will lead to digital creators having more controlregarding the ways in which their partnerships will   be manag in terms of content marketing.

Certainly Favor Its Success

Beatrice valli gives a beauty touch to the home outfit all star influencer beatrice valli has also set up her communication and digital content in the last two months. Following up on #iorestoacasa. On a total of 26 posts between instagram and facebook and a miv® of €4.5m . In addition to this. However. The future new mother expecting her third child has also dicat several posts to the #revolveathome campaign . Sharing the most functional brand outfits both for those staying at home and for those who. Like her. Are b2b leads  pregnant. In one of her posts. Again highlighting the importance of authenticity and the theme of the relationship with one’s followers.

By Choosing to Dicate an Exclusive

Chiaraferragnixchampion. The post earn €582k in miv® follow by what she call her favorite set: an all black with silver logos shar on april 21st. Also includ in the top 5 posts is the post in which chiara ferragni wears one of the main items from the collection; a jumpsuit in pink and blue tones and an 80s style which. Not surprisingly. Is another of her favorite looks. Her search for authenticity therefore joins the champion campaign thanks to a series of posts that portray her in the kitchen or in the tiktok challenge together with her husband fez. It is also interesting to note that the garments from the chiara ferragnixchampion collection are also us in the oreo biscuit promo in a festive and very youthful atmosphere which seems to bring the  USA Person  influencer even closer to gen z. #revolveathome:


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