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In fact. Their objective is to produce content capable of engaging and entertaining the existing audience. With a consequent shift from product-driven actions to actions that focus on consumers and which. Therefore. Will be guid in a more significant way by the influencers themselves. Where previously brands would have provid them with a creative brief. This relationship is now likely to change and evolve in a way that could be more balanc. These are just some of the evolutionary scenarios of influencer marketing . Resulting from covid-19; scenarios that show how the reason for the initial popularity of influencers is going back  to the origins. Trying to re-establish a more authentic connection and a real relationship between follower and creator.

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If you want to discover the trends and analysis details relating to the future of influencer marketing. Download our report.In 1994. The parisian designer isabel marant officially launch her namesake brand. Sending a strong message: “Wear what you like” in 1997. Isabel marant receiv the designer of the year award and open her first paris boutique the following year. Her success grew very quickly and in 2000 isabel marant began to diversify her activities. Launching the étoile line. She then launch a lingerie line in 2002. A children’s line in 2004 and. More recently. A men’s fashion line. The business email list  style of the brand. Strongly mark by the designer’s personality. Is a clever mix of impeccable cuts and unexpect materials.

The Brand Has in a Certain Sense Embrac

Which today makes the brand essential both on the catwalks and in the wardrobes of parisian women. But also for artists of the caliber of victoria beckham. Gwyneth paltrow. Kate moss. Rachel weisz and alexa chung. Twenty-six years later. Isabel marant declar to madame figaro “my tastes have never chang. I adapt them to the times”. My tastes have never chang. I adapt them to the times”. – isabel marant what has chang. However. Is the size of the company. From a simple shop in paris. Isabel marant has USA Person  open dozens of stores around the world. In the unit kingdom. Spain. The netherlands. The unit states and asia.


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