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Comment below about your experience with content blogging. But if you don’t know how to implement a content strategy on your website, contact us . We can help you sell like never before!Online sales should grow 18% in 2020 and move more than R$ 1 billion, according to an estimate by ABComm (Brazilian Association of Electronic Commerce). The pandemic of the new Coronavirus, which hit the world in 2020, made the importance of online sales even more evident. The quarantine forced physical stores selling non-essential products to close their doors.

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If you intend to launch a store , let us help you find the best platform for a virtual store! Important features of an online store platform There are dozens of platforms on the market and the first step before going out testing the different options is to Egypt WhatsApp Number List know which features to look for. Most platforms have at least one option for: inventory/stock management payment processing sales report However, these are the basics for an online store. Below, we’ve listed the most important features you should look for in an e-commerce platform. product category. So merchants who do not sell via e-commerce were more affected by the crisis than those who already do.

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A simple but very important feature is the ability to categorize products. If you intend to sell more than one type of product, it’s important to keep them well defined and organized on your website. That’s why we use the product category. discounts and promotions Promotion of your products is an interesting way to attract customers. Discounts can USA Person be seasonal, exclusive to repeat customers, etc. What matters is that the platform needs to have the option to include discounts whenever you need them. Support for different payment methods Offering payment options is important so you don’t miss out on any sales.

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