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Email enter your email address here  brand in Nepal Phone Number List the world  an American consulting firm. brand value is once again the most valuable brand in the world. The brand value of this technology company from California has increas compar with last year. According to company data. the current brand value is one million US dollars. Google came in second with a brand value of $ . . an increase from the previous year. Among the top brands. technology companies also took a different path. rank fourth. according to company measurements (brand value. $ million). Microsoft (brand value. US$ million) and Samsung (brand value. US$ million) rank fifth and seventh. respectively. This flows into the brand value index.

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Brand value is the most valuable

The U.S. company’s calculations are bas on WS Numbers publish company data and consumer behavior. among other things. In addition to classic financial indicators and value. brand value also takes into account the brand’s impact on consumers. In addition. brand strength relative to competitors also plays a non-negligible role. The resulting brand value represents the profit that can be expect in the future bas solely on brand awareness. Since the method is more complicat. please refer to the explanation provid here. In the ranking list releas. 


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