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Think logo concept After you’ve done your research gathered references and know your persona well it’s time to think about the logo concept. What does this mean in practice? It’s basically designing what you want to convey with your logo through shapes. Even if it’s something subjective it’s possible to bring some aspects of your product and service. Think for example of the Subway logo. It reflects exactly the service they offer indicating with arrows the path that the customer takes and to signal that it is easy to enter order and leave with your product.

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Logo for social networks: how to build? That is always analyze your business idea to carry out any marketing strategy as this will bring more attractive results. make a sketch After you already have Benin Email List the concept defined it’s time to sketch your logo. Here there is already the possibility of adopting a tool such as Canva. For the sketch we also recommend that you study the collected references very carefully since they will contribute to generating insights in relation to what your logo should have in addition to guiding the best path according to your niche and your persona.

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Choose the typography The choice of typography is one of the most important points for defining a logo. In order for you to choose the one that will really convey the desired concept and that will USA Person bring unity to the logo it is necessary to identify all the elements present so that the font can contrast without visually polluting. In this way it is important that it has a good reading and that it can adapt to all of your brand’s materials not just on social networks. Typography will be an important element to transmit the necessary visual information carry concepts and communicate ideas bringing more personality to your logo and to your communication channels as a whole.


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