The procedure and formula for calculating labor intensity

As a result you can understand more complex messages with ease and express ideas more clearly avoiding miscommunications. Therefore the concept of digital literacy concerns the mastery of the language used in the digital world. In this case a literate person is able to communicate efficiently using these tools. At first glance it might seem redundant as the language used in everyday writing and the digital world is the same. However in practice the form of communication in these two spaces is quite different. First digital communication involves a number of different tools such as computers cell phones social networks forums shared files etc. Just look at a person who is not used to dealing with these technologies and you can see this contrast very clearly.

Normative labor intensity

In addition to the written language there is also the use of images hypertexts multiple page links codes among other things that need to be taken into account to compose the message. Not to mention that Germany Email List the language and rhythm of communication are also modified by the channels used. What are the main goals of digital literacy? As technology is increasingly present in the way people communicate and interact it is essential to understand the particularities of language in these spaces. That’s what digital literacy is for. Here are some examples of digital literacy goals.

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Greater adaptation to today’s world If you use a cell phone to communicate daily access social networks send emails and carry out research then you need to understand the particularities of these languages. And in USA Person today’s world virtually all communication both personal and large-scale takes place through these filters. Still there are many people struggling to adapt. Digital literacy is no longer a luxury or a differential but a fundamental understanding of communication through technological tools. Even older generations need to know their particularities if they intend to continue acting effectively in these spaces.


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