How to Make Millions With Multilevel Network Marketing

Once your target audience feels the pain they will be more inclined to take action. Clickfunnel features an interesting dialogue between two people in a video on their homepage. It hooks me and by the end of the video I’m ready to buy their product. Figure Rice. Video by Clickfunnel Tracking video analytics is a great way to find out how much your customers are enjoying your videos. Pay attention to the attention span while watching the video the click-through rate of the landing page the percentage of people who used the call-to-action button.

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Figure Rice Attention span for this player . Interaction with the customer This is the second optional step in creating a landing page but this step guarantees conversion miracles. If a prospect interacts with your site for a longer period of time this dramatically increases the  likelihood of a purchase. By offering interaction opportunities to visitors you increase their level Turkey Phone Number List of engagement. A good example in this case is Wild Turkey which produces beverages. It personalizes your drink selection based on strength taste and ingredients. Figure Rice. Personalized selection of drinks Another good example is Bills.e. They ask you important questions Figure Rice.

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How to Generate Business Network Marketing Leads

Questions on Bills’ before showing their final landing page with a form that asks for your personal information. Figure Rice. Bills.e form Even my company CrazyEgg interacts with you directly asking if you want to see your website map by connecting to your URL. Figure Rice. Question on CrazyEgg . Run A/B Tests Your landing page should not remain a USA Person static object. It needs to be regularly improved with the help of user feedback and data obtained through split tests. Obviously the first step is to attract enough traffic from pay per click social networks search engines and other sources.


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