How to make and set up a website mirror

This functionality delivers all the information regarding the forms hosted on your website. Which fields took longer to fill in which fields are skipped and which fields the user gives up filling out. This information is essential to determine if your form fulfills its purpose or if the questions. Ask there are confusing the user and generating distrust. Feature step by step From the Analytics menu select the Forms option and then New form. On the next screen you must fill in information such as the name of the form. The number of sessions you want to monitor or and the URL where it is hosted.

How to use cold calls the right way

Click Create Forms screenshot of New Form Feedback menu. In the Feedback menu you can set up tools and surveys to find out what users are thinking about their experience on your page. This Canada Email List opinion can be requested through pop ups surveys. By sharing screens when the user is closing their page or from a predetermined action. Asking for user feedback can bring you closer to your visitors and establish a relationship of trust which is useful not only for promoting improvements on your page but also for driving these visitors to the next stages of your sales funnel.

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Think of a conversation script

How to use Hotjar to increase your website conversions? Now that you understand the features that Hotjar offers let’s talk a little about how to use them to increase the conversion of your pages. Use Hotjar to identify USA Person usability issues Whenever someone leaves a page they have a reason to do so. It could be that the content is not interesting that the user is out of time at the moment or in many cases that the usability of the page is poor. Usability depends on several factors: design programming copy and whether the page is responsive or not since most people currently access the internet through their cell phones.


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