The main server can be configured in several ways

With Hotjar’s features you can identify when the user left your page. How he interacted with its elements while browsing. For example a landing page whose purpose. To sell a product must take the user to the checkout page right? If the user accesses the page and has to click on several. Menus before reaching the checkout it means that navigation is confusing. He is not able to find the information he needs. This can happen due to too many menus poor distribution of content or CTA buttons that don’t stand out. It is important for the entrepreneur to look at this data carefully and perform some tests to understand the improvements that can be promoted.

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Use Hotjar to test copy and other page elements One of the most attention grabbing factors on web pages is the type of content you share. With the heatmap and recordings functionalities you can see how Cayman Islands Email List the visitor interacts with your page if he reads the texts if he clicks on the suggested links as these are indicators that he is enjoying what he is reading. A user who accesses the page several times or clicks on certain areas of the site before closing it may be indecisive or even confused.

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Be as friendly as possible

Use Hotjar to improve your forms Leads’ contact information is the most precious asset for any entrepreneur. Therefore it is interesting to know why visitors are not filling out the forms on your website. Are they USA Person just not interested in what you have to offer or is the form too long and confusing? With the functionality of forms combined with heatmaps you can extract insights that can help you improve your capture areas and consequently convert more visitors into leads. Use Hotjar to understand your audience’s preferences There are several features on Hotjar to understand your audience empirically.


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