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Remembering that once a user marks you as spam it affects your sender’s. Reputation making your emails to other recipients also more likely to automatically go to the junk mail. VIDEO: How to do email marketing? | Hotmart Q&A. Attention with the images You’ve probably already received an email where at the top before starting the message content. There was an alert warning that for security reasons the images were not displayed. This type of alert can shake user confidence. Especially if your message doesn’t have a good balance between text and images. That is if users can’t understand your content without relying on images.

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Emails that are just a large image pasted into the body text are likely to be ignored and deleted. Which is not good for the provider’s view of your business as a sender. Our advice is: if you decide Aruba Email List to include images to make your message more attractive balance the content with text and be sure to fill in the alt attribute which is alternative text that is shown when the image is not displayed. Opt for HTML templates A solution to make your email design more attractive and prevent images from being blocked is to use HTML templates which are ready made email templates that you can customize with your message.

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Two points are worth paying attention to: Bad HTML code can cause your message to be marked as spam; According to research HTML emails have a lower click through rate than text only emails. But you USA Person can do AB testing and see what works for your list. Despite these two points if well used HTML templates are an efficient option for anyone who wants to send a creative message with less chance of falling into the spam box. Be mobile friendly Nowadays a lot of people access email on their cell phones. Just so you have an idea.


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