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Copy a ready and effective action plan. See examples of our clients’ successes. Receive free access Does SSL affect the SEO positioning of the site? At the beginning I must point out that in recent years Google has promoted and even forced website owners to implement SSL certificates. However this is due to the desire to increase security on the Internet. Of course this cannot be clearly stated but based on what we observe in the search results having an SSL certificate does not affect higher positions better traffic etc. If you add the HTTPS protocol to your website it will not increase the reach of your domain.

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In fact if implemented incorrectly it can create a threat and temporary loss of traffic which I will write about later in this article. Does this mean that it is not worth being interested in an SSL certificate VP IT Email Lists in the context of SEO ? Definitely not the SSL certificate is important from the point of view of the user and his perception of his own security. Your customers will feel much better if they see that you care about their safety. The SSL certificate affects sales more than the positioning of websites more customers will buy in your store or send more inquiries. Do you want to learn how to effectively acquire customers from Google.

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See our SEO course which is a stepbystep instruction. How do I check if I have an SSL certificate? Checking the SSL certificate is quite simple. To check if your site is using HTTPS click the lock icon USA Person to the left of the address bar. Depending on the state or browser it can have a different form open or closed and color green gray red. After clicking on the icon you will see detailed information about the encryption status of the connection to the server and the protocol used HTTP or HTTPS. Below is a graphic presenting such information for our website in Google Chrome: Information about the SSL certificate and the protocol used.


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