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Searching and brings in people who are more likely to perform the target action The main thing is to make a sufficient number of conversions then the neural network will learn in a few days and then it will build the influx of the target audience with maximum accuracy There is no magic here just math and miscalculation of formulas Let s imagine that you advertise to potential customers male female age location all over Russia This is the most popular

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Ad launch Setting Up a Campaign  wizard In Thailand Phone Number List the interface click Add Campaign and select Campaign Wizard Campaign Wizard in Campaign Wizard picture By the way a database of several cases and articles about and targeting is available for free at the link below Insert website link Campaign Wizard in picture Give the campaign a name fill in all the fields for the title and text of the ad add an image Campaign Wizard in add a quick link to the picture and specify the display area Campaign Wizard in add a topic keyword to the.

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Diverting traffic to the website In addition USA Person bas on the main goal of the activity establish the logic of decision making This approach lowers the barrier to entry for newcomers to the target and removes routine from existing experts Commercial Promotions Ad Account Updates Optimiz for Conversions You have a website with an achievable goal fill basket add product click card You load the target into the system and tell it face The algorithm starts


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