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Having control over traffic sources and knowing exactly where visitors are coming. From is one of the advantages offered by URL Builder. A good part of the traffic of most websites and blogs comes from organic. Search such as Google search but another portion is distributed among various traffic sources. Custom parameters such as those obtained with the URL Builder allow you to know these traffic sources identify which channels are able to attract the most customers and know where to improve your brand’s performance. If campaigns are carried out within a certain traffic source but it fails to attract visitors something is wrong.

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The custom URL allows the blog owner not only to assess this situation but also to think of strategies to improve traffic from a given source. An example of using the URL Builder to identify the best Chile Email List traffic sources are Facebook groups. Even knowing which traffic comes from this social network using Analytics it is impossible to know which of the groups in particular manage to attract more people. When using links with custom parameters for each of the groups this data is obtained separately. In this way it is possible to know exactly which of the groups manages to send more visitors to your website or blog.

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Track campaigns Anyone who invests in paid traffic needs to be always aware of the results obtained. After all campaigns can be heavy on your pocketbook. And without satisfactory results they may end USA Person up causing damage to the entrepreneur. But how to track created campaigns? This can be done with a trackable URL that is a virtual address containing specific parameters that allow you to track various sensitive information. A practical application of campaign tracking is Facebook. This social network offers great possibilities for the dissemination of links with advertising campaigns that are linked within the network.


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