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In the example above you can see that the connection is secure the SSL certificate works fine over. This will not always be the case here are other conditions that may arise: Secure: Information or Unsecured: Unsecured or Dangerous: In the second status with the information icon the certificate is installed but there are some problems with its use. The most common cause of this are two issues: Resources are available in both protocols not a bad thing after all but your website is available in both and. In this case it’s best to make appropriate redirects. I will write more about this later in the section on migrating from to.

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Some page elements still only load over instead of using SSL. This is also a problem related to migration it works like this although it is available over and uses the SSL certificate correctly some of its VP Software Email Lists resources js CSS or graphics files are not loaded using. The problem is usually with addressing you will need to replace with in the URL of each file. What SSL certificates do we have to choose from? The SSL certificate comes in several types or rather security levels which I will discuss briefly.

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SSL Certificates DV Domain Validation SSL Domain Validation certificates guarantee encryption of information transmission in a certified domain. These are the most popular and simplest SSL USA Person certificates the easiest to issue. When issuing a certificate the domain is verified and the entire certificate is based on this. Completion of the verification process is limited to confirming the SSL certificate order sent to the email address Clicking the link sent by the certificate issuer to e.g. admis the only verification that you are the owner of the domain for which you want to obtain a certificate. After clicking the link the certificate is issued.


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