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You can even list who can sabotage the negotiation. VIDEO Influencer marketing how to apply it in your business. What are the elements of an influence map? There are three main aspects that should be take into account when you create. An influence map regardless of the segment or the people involve. The overall importance or level of influence of one of the people in your chart. This element is represent by the size of the circle that relates. This character the ties between the interested parties represent. By the connection of arrows or lines between the different. People the strength of influence that people will have on others.

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This element is represent by darker colors or stronger strokes. It’s your choice. Furthermore it is important to understand that a map must be adjust according to the audience you want Finland Email List to reach. Some people will change the level of influence just think of influencers who gain millions of subscribers from one year to the next. The map helps to identify all the figures and interests that are involved in a commercial strategy and the people who will be impacted by your actions and content as well as by the products you sell.

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How to make an influence map? Now let’s list the main steps for the influence map to be prepared in a complete way addressing all possible variables. First step It’s time to carry out an analysis of all the people USA Person who have to do with your business objective. Put on paper ideal buyers people who can influence the decision and who can get in the way of this operation. Second stage For each stakeholder make connections that influence the final decision. Some questions may help in this regard Who does the person influence and who is influenced by them? How strong is each influence.


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