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Website URL field In this field the original URL must be insert which can be from a website or blog. This is the unaltered address. You need to choose which URL will receive the custom parameters. Campaign Source URL Builder – campaign source field campaign source. This field indicates the origin of the campaign and the reference to the location where the campaign is running. Source examples Google email website blog etc. Campaign Medium URL Builder – medium campaign field In the campaign media field you must mention a media option in which the campaign is being produce. Examples of filling are e-mail marketing banners promotional links etc.

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Campaign Name URL Builder – campaign name field campaign name The campaign name is essential to identify the personalized URL within Google Analytics and Hotmelt Analytics. With that name Costa Rica Email List you can access all other information regarding the tracked address. Campaign Term URL Builder – campaign term field campaign term The campaign term in turn serves to allow for internal control. Therefore it is optional to be complete by the user. If the campaign has more than one link it can help to differentiate one campaign from the other using a keyword for that.

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Campaign Content URL Builder – campaign content field campaign content Finally another optional field campaign content can be useful for campaigns involving AB testing which despite having the same content refer USA Person to CTAs with slight differences. With the correct completion of all these fields at the end it is possible to generate a URL that appears automatically. The URL from this can be applied for different purposes as described in the previous topics. Whether in advertising campaigns email marketing campaigns or banners custom URL is always a good option to get performance data. Where to find UTM reports in Hotmart Analytics? Hotmart Analytics is the data analysis tool designed for Digital Producers.


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