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Using a softer yellow hue can provide a calmer sense of well-being. Yellow is perfect for call-to-action buttons. When not to use yellow: yellow is a color that can be fatigued when used too much. It saturates our field of view, so dont overuse it, it wont. Green green is associated with health, happiness, tranquility, earth, nature and environment, money, freshness, generosity, fertility, good fortune or peace.

So choosing Ocean as your website

 When to use: green is an eye-friendly color that can have a relaxing or calming effect. It is a color new data widely used in health websites, such as clinics, dentists, physiotherapists and those associated with nature or beauty centers. When not to use it: it is not suitable for businesses related to technology, cars or luxury goods. Orange orange is associated with confidence, success, fun, courage, ambition, excitement, happiness, energy or enthusiasm.

Theme is well worth it for this aspect alone

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 When to use: orange is a good choice for a car, tech or entertainment business. When not to use orange: orange is an auxiliary color that is neither too soft nor too aggressive, but you must be careful not to overuse it. Purple purple purple is used to convey ambition, creativity, imagination, authority, maturity, power, luxury, mystery, wisdom and respect. It is USA Person also closely related to women and spirituality.


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