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For your business to stay competitive and attract employees. It nees to offer learning and development opportunities that advance careers. In this new era of flexible and hybrid working. Online learning is becoming even more important as a way to upskill and transform your workforce. It’s not enough to offer basic training or hope people can learn ‘on the job’. Today’s employee wants a roadmap to career advancement which includes personalize training in skills require in a digital age. According to training magazine.

The top 100 organizations

The top 100 organizations that excel in training have a mean training budget of $16.2 million. Representing over 5 percent of payroll for employee development. For many organizations. Particularly new database those with global workforces. Offering online training has helpe improve job satisfaction. Customer engagement. And drive revenue. With learning and development now a key way to attract millennials and gen zers. Along with retaining staff. Offering online learning content can go a long way to getting the talent you nee and establishing your business as a leading employer brand.

Do you still need convincing

Do you still need convincing?! Have a look at 10 ways online learning can transform your business. Particularly when it comes to skills – like digital – that nee to be continuously update. 1. Saves time & gets results USA Person learning online requires 40-60 percent less employee time compare to traditional learning. 2. Boosts profits 42 percent of u.s organizations have seen an increase in income as a result of e-learning 3. Enhances learning offering 57 percent of l&d pros expect to spend more on online learning globally to upskill and reskill employees why choose dmi?


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