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In this way, there is a probability that people who are What to do to not interested in your service or product will be impacted. Betting on paid traffic is an important strategy in Digital Marketing. But, it can’t be done anyway. If you don’t have the necessary knowledge to create campaigns of this type, look for an expert. Here, at Olivas Digital, we develop, manage and optimize media campaigns with a focus on conversion. We seek to scale results with practical actions. So if you need help, reach out and let’s chat .If you are aware of trends in the digital market, you should already know that Google announced the end of Google Analytics that we currently know after many years in the air.

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The so-called Universal Analytics version ceases to exist and gives way to GA4 . The old model retires in July 2023, but until then you better be aware of the changes. Therefore, in this post, we are  going Belgium WhatsApp Number List to tell you everything we already know about Google Analytics 4! Why GA4? What changes with the GA4? GA4 eliminates the Property View event based engine GA4 enables app and website analytics Platform uses. Machine Learning New GA4 metrics. What happens to historical GA data. The name chosen by the company represents the current version in which the platform is. This will be the fourth model of Analytics, which officially appeared in 2005.

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The last version, Universal Analytics, dates from 2013 and will remain in the air for practically 10 years. GA4 debuted in 2020 in beta and will become definitive on July 1, 2023. What changes with the GA4? From the structure to the way data is captured, GA4 changes a lot compared to Universal. But the main ones are: GA4 eliminates the Property View The structure was remodeled and if before USA Person the platform separated into “Account”, “Property” and “Property View”, now it is now “Account”, “Property” and “Data Flow”. event based engine In addition to changing the structure, the update modifies some features, such as the way data is captured and the reports.

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