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As many as 96% of visitors are not ready to make a purchase after first entering the website (Startup Bonsai). Consumers must encounter a brand and its products many times before they even consider converting. This is why building a purchasing funnel is so important.

Offering products and intrusively persuading people to buy at the first contact is not the best solution. To achieve success, you need to slowly guide your potential customer through the entire funnel. There may be many marketing activities and channels at each stage. Below is an example diagram:

The consumer receives PPC advertising in the Google advertising network, so he or she visits the landing page (ToFu).
The consumer downloads the e-book and in return provides his e-mail address (MoFu).

Example of a sales funnel

The consumer receives the newsletter and becomes acquainted with other brand content, and becomes interested in a specific product (MoFu).
The consumer shows a willingness Ws Database to buy a specific product. He receives a discount coupon and consequently decides to convert (BoFu).

There may be many such examples. It is important that you choose activities tailored to the preferences of your recipients. More potential customers will then reach the last stage of the sales funnel, and you will achieve satisfactory results.

The first stages of the sales funnel involve drawing the attention of potential recipients and often drawing them to the company website.

It is therefore necessary to create an attractive website that will encourage you to go through the next stages. Even if you manage to attract the first potential customers at the top of the funnel, you can quickly lose them if they don’t like what they see on the website.

The Consumer Downloads the E-book and in Return

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Another aspect is a lead magnet, which is something you can offer recipients in exchange for providing an e-mail address or performing USA Person another action. It may be an e-book, admission to a webinar, access to a tool useful in the industry or anything else that is valuable to the recipient.

Select activities and content for individual stages of the funnel
Describe the individual stages of the funnel and the needs of the consumers who are in them. Based on this, create attractive content tailored to the audience’s intentions.

Think about what will make consumers want to move from one stage to the next. It is important to match activities, channels and the form of content to the habits of the target group.

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