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First you’ll need a good idea something that’s simple to explain and that helps people solve a problem. Next it is necessary to have a page to share content of interest to your audience and strengthen your authority in the market. But how do you know that your page is fulfilling the mission of generating new leads for your business? Currently there are several tools to evaluate the performance of your page such as Google Analytics Moz SemRush and many others that we have already mentioned here. Today we are going to talk about a tool that is not so well known but which brings very useful insights to optimize your page Hotjar.

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Stay with us to understand everything about it! Index What is Hotjar? What are the advantages of Hotjar? What are the features of this tool? How to use Hotjar to increase your website conversions? desktop Burundi Email List version banner What is Hotjar? Hotjar is an online tool that provides information about visitor behavior and interactions on your pages. The data generated by it reveals a lot about the user’s behavior such as the most clicked content whether he scrolls the page to the end among other indicators that can be useful when laying out the content or inserting a CTA button for example.

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The tool has a free version which records the interactions of up to a thousand visitors per day but there are also paid packages that vary according to the amount of data you intend to collect to daily USA Person visitors. In this way it is possible to structure marketing actions based on reliable data and information ensuring that your company is able to provide a complete experience for its users. What are the advantages of Hotjar? But why should your business use Hotjar? What are the benefits for your brand.


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