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Do you want to know more about the automatic message on WhatsApp and how to place it? Keep reading this post until the end and we’ll tell you everything! Index What are automatic messages on WhatsApp? How to put automatic message on WhatsApp? What are autoresponders for? What are the benefits of doing customer service via WhatsApp? Why use automatic messages on WhatsApp? When to send automatic message on WhatsApp to customers? Discover the integration between WhatsApp and Hotmart Automate your service with automatic messages on WhatsApp desktop version banner What are automatic messages on WhatsApp.

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Although the name is self explanatory it is worth commenting! Automatic messages on WhatsApp are messages that you can set in advance and that will be triggered at times when you are not available to respond immediately to your personal or professional contacts. You can use them to welcome or announce a period of absence from your Antarctica Email List company. But much more than that automatic messages can be strategic for your business communication. How to put automatic message on WhatsApp? Placing the automatic message on WhatsApp is simpler than it seems but until then this is a feature that is only available to WhatsApp Business users. WhatsApp still doesn’t offer this tool natively to users who have personal accounts but don’t think it’s impossible to use automatic messaging if you fall into this group.

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There are some apps that allow you to apply this messaging automation to your personal account. Let’s see how to put the automatic message on WhatsApp for your business? With WhatsApp Business USA Person VIDEO: How to make sales via WhatsApp WhatsApp Business: increase your productivity | hotmart WhatsApp Business is an application aimed at companies and therefore has some exclusive tools that help entrepreneurs to serve their customers. Auto message is one of them! If you don’t use the Business account yet it’s very simple to activate it.


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