Sales and marketing funnel understand the different models

Get in touch and start selling as soon as possible.Split payments understand how it works. Do you know how a digital payment works.The website is a key part of the digital strategy of companies. It is where the main information about the organization is located, being, in many cases, the main means of contact and sales channel. For a business to be successful on its website, it needs to follow some guidelines based on user experience (UX). In this article, we’ll talk about one of them: responsiveness.

What is a marketing funnel

We will see below: What is a responsive website? Why have a responsive website for my business? 5 Reasons to have a responsive website How to create a responsive website? Good reading! What is a responsive website? Since mobile devices have Honduras WhatsApp Number List become the main online research tool, websites have had to adapt to offer users the best browsing experience. Objectively, we can say that responsive sites are those that manage to adapt the size of the pages to the view of the screens on which they are being displayed. It identifies the width of each device, the available space and how the page is presented.

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What is a sales funnel

In addition, it adjusts the dimensions of images, fonts and graphic elements so that they are not disproportionate. It is, therefore, a job of adapting the layout to make the content display correctly on screens of all sizes. Below is a list of some of these necessary adaptations: Website layout changes Featured search tools for easy navigation USA Person on smaller screens Change website images and colors Increase the space between the links so that your finger does not touch two links at the same time By making a website responsive, your business gets better placement in search engines.


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