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ADC and La Fede sign a collaboration agreement to jointly face the challenges

The Association of Communication Consultants (ADC) and the Association of Communication Companies (La FEDE) have signed a collaboration agreement to reinforce the recognition that society has of communication and advertising and enhance the value of both associations in pro of its professionals. The main objective of the agreement signed by the president of ADC. Ludi García, and the president of La FEDE. José Carlos Gutiérrez. Is to jointly address the challenges facing the communication sector. Exchange relevant knowledge and experiences that result in benefit of both organizations. The objectives they pursue.

The agreement between Adc and La Fede

“With this agreement, we materialize top industry data an important rapprochement between two associations that share an interest in defending professionalism. Therefore, ethics and quality in the communication. Public relations sector,” says Ludi García. For his part, José Carlos Gutiérrez considers that: «As Ludi says, this agreement not only brings the two associations closer. But also represents the union between the advertising sector and the communication. Therefore, public relations sector. Highlighting the joint contribution to development. economic and social.

top industry data

Observatory and Study of public tenders 2022

The agreement contemplates USA Person the holding of joint events and activities; the exchange of information. Research and studies; holding webinars, debates and round tables; the creation of awards. Therefore, editing of practical guides and other relevant projects for communication. Advertising and marketing companies and consultancies. One of the first joint works between ADC and La FEDE will be the ” Observatory and Study of public tenders 2022. Therefore, whose conclusions will be presented at the beginning of next year and which will have a special section on Public Relations.

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