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Design your promotion and get to work Now that you Understand the know what it takes to run a successful promotion, how about getting your hands dirty and leveraging your results? Olivas Digital specializes in the development of digital solutions with expertise in e-commerce and is ready to help you. Get to know our work and send us your project idea. Get in touch , we are waiting for you! 07/25/2023 Brand visual identity: when is the time to redesignUser privacy has become an increasingly requested subject with actions that seek to increase the security of browsing data to provide the visitor with the best possible experience.

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Since late 2017, Google has been fighting unsafe environments on the web. The first step that started this war was the mandatory use of HTTPS on websites. Pages that do not meet the requirement are marked as “not secure” by Chrome. To correct this problem and ensure that the sites present the Singapore WhatsApp Number List determined level of security, there are SSL certificates. And it is about them that we will talk more in the next lines. In this article you will see: 1. What is SSL 2. Importance of SSL certificate Advantages of having a secure website 4. What are the types of SSL certificates 5. Subdomains 6.

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How to get an SSL certificate Let’s make your site more secure? But first, subscribe to our newsletter and receive all the news and tips from the digital world. What is SSL? With the increase in the use of the internet, it has become essential to create means that enable safe communication. Among the various existing USA Person security protocols, there is a very important one that deserves our attention. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) allows client and server to exchange information securely, protecting data integrity and ensuring the veracity of available content.

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