The importance of blogging for your website

Working with digital influencers is an efficient way to create a The importance of bridge between your company and the public influenced by them, as it lends the professional’s charisma and influence to the brand, positively impacting your digital marketing strategy. This technique works to add value and confidence in the products offered by the company, since the public feels represented by the influencer and, therefore, believes there is more credibility. There is also the desire to become like that person who arouses admiration. Due to the identification of the public with the influencer, brands began to establish partnerships so that they use, present and publicize their products and services. Influencing the public’s purchasing decision is the desire of every digital marketing strategy.

What is a content blog

Why Influencer Marketing? In recent years, we have been following the establishment of user behavior on the internet as content consumers. Blogs, vlogs and social networks are part of the routine, both for entertainment and for professional tasks and commercial transactions. Blogs, which are widely used in the Inbound Marketing strategy of companies, constitute a large part of revenues, as they are sources of attraction throughout UAE WhatsApp Number List the customers’ buying journey. Want to know how an Inbound Marketing strategy works in practice? Download the free Introduction to Inbound Marketing e-book and find out. However, increasing organic website traffic alone is not enough to achieve significant conversion rates.

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How can content blogging help my website

Influencer Marketing, in addition to helping to win new customers, also contributes to maintaining established ones. It is necessary to go forward! At the same time, the number of tools available to produce genuinely attractive content has grown. Resources integrated with social networks sparked the creativity of independent content producers. YouTube, for example, is one of the biggest sources of traffic on the internet worldwide. According USA Person to the YouTube Insights report , last year, 1.5 billion people logged in access the video site every month. In addition, 86% of users declared that the platform is the place that gathers the most relevant content for them.


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