Ice Score Understand What It is and Why It’s Important

The methodology is directly linked to sales and brings significant results to the business. Want to know how it works? Then download our free Introduction to Inbound Marketing ebook. 10. The institutional website must be responsive. An unavoidable concern these days is with the experience presented to use of mobile devices, since they represent an important range of the volume of access to websites. Searches carried out in search engines, such as Google, by smartphones, mainly, surpassed those made from desktops. Therefore, pay attention to this new market reality.

Why is the ICE Score important for your company

Therefore, adapt your website, optimize the layout and resources and have a responsive page to be display on the screens of smartphones and tablets. These actions demonstrate your site’s concern for the user experience, in addition to receiving important points for a better ranking in search engines.  Look for a professional to create your institutional website. Olivas Digital works on the development of websites in projects of different sizes. We plan and create the layout Cameroon WhatsApp Number List of the screens that adapt to the most varied devices, thinking about the best user experience. We have the experience your company needs to do well on the internet.

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Main benefits of the methodology

So get in touch and ask for a quote!A survey by market research platform Toluna in partnership with Local.e showed that 75% of respondents are more willing to buy a product from local businesses . The survey heard a thousand people who spoke about their purchasing preference. Check out some important data: 76% of respondents believe that local products are of better quality 75% feel that locally branded products are made with more care 74% believe that USA Person local companies. Make differentiated and authentic products 72% consider prices of local brands more affordable. In addition, research also showed that people want to meet new brands .


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