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The most famous here will be Let’s Encrypt which is a free and fully functional DV Domain Validation certificate. Another service that offers free certificates is Cloud flare a service that helps with website security and acceleration. You’re probably wondering if it’s worth investing in free SSL? From a technical point of view free SSL is no different from a paid one. Both of these SSL certificates have identical encryption and the same security features. The only difference is the warranty. Of course there are a few differences but they do not affect security in any way but rather the way the SSL certificate works or is installed.

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The first difference is the time for which the SSL certificate is issued. The paid one is issued for a period of one year. The free Let’s Encrypt certificate is issued for a period of months. However this is not a VP Administration Email Lists problem because this certificate refreshes itself when there is less than a month left to the end of the period. So basically you have a certificate of indefinite duration. Generally speaking unless you are a bank or a public trust institution then. of the time a free SSL certificate will be for you. SEO risks The SSL certificate is of course promoted by Google however you must remember that it must be implemented correctly. Otherwise you may be doing your site more trouble than it’s worth by implementing.

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First of all you should remember about the problem of duplicate content. If you install an SSL certificate each subpage on your website will. Theoretically for Google robots these are two completely USA Person separate subpages and will not know which one to show as a search result. The result of this may be a state where you have an SSL certificate but Google is directing traffic to the version. How to avoid it? You need to take care of two important things. The first is redirects you should make any URL automatically redirect to the version the version.


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