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There can be several goals for example: quick generation of website traffic. Increasing brandproductservice awareness. direct sale of a product or service. increasing your visibility on Google. Depending on the needs each of these goals will have a different strategy of action. For example if you want to generate traffic you will look for portals with the largest number of users and publish articles in the most prominent places. If you want to sell the most important thing will be reaching a well-defined target group. In the case of SEO what we are most interested in at the moment you should focus not only on the traffic itself but on the parameters of the website on which you publish.

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What are the parameters? First you can check parameters such as: Domain visibility and its trend is visibility increasing or decreasing and what is its volume relative to similar portals Number Chairman Email List of keywords in TOP TOP and TOP for example according to Senuto. Domain Rating – parameter for evaluating links leading to the portal Ahrefs It is worth publishing a sponsored article on a portal that has a chance of appearing in high positions. This makes it more likely that potential customers will come across your content multiple times on the same search results page. In the graphic below you can observe such a situation on the example of our client.

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The green frame is a search result directing to the client’s website. The red frame is a sponsored article that appears quite high for the same key phrase. Sponsored article ranked rd for a key phrase USA Person mistakes that are keeping you from Google customers Learn the most common Google mistakes. See how you can solve each of them. Plan the visibility of your website in Gogol. Copy a ready and effective action plan. See examples of our clients’ successes. Receive free access How much does it cost to write a sponsored article? The prices of sponsored articles can range from a few dozen zlotys to several thousand zlotys.


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