The Aida Model in the Sales Funnel

This is the widest part of the sales funnel. At this stage, you reach the largest possible audience and increase interest in the brand. The target group are consumers who do not yet know the brand or its products.

Therefore, an attention-grabbing message with a wide reach is important. At this stage, paid Google Ads and social media campaigns, viral marketing, TV and radio ads, as well as organic positioning for less specific phrases are used .

You managed to draw attention to your brand or product and attract a wide audience to your website. What’s next? Now you need to interest the people you “lured” at the previous stage of the funnel. You need to show your recipients that this is where they will find answers to their problems.

How to design a sales funnel

At this stage, specific products or services are presented to potential customers and directed to sales pages. E-mail marketing is often used here, but there Whatsapp Data are many more possibilities. It is worth familiarizing your recipients with the opinions of other customers, case studies, and valuable industry articles.

At this stage, activities are used to arouse the willingness of potential customers to purchase a given product. You should do everything to convince the recipient that your product should be purchased. Consumers in this part of the sales funnel are usually close to making a purchase, but are still considering it.

Typical sales content and activities, i.e. encouraging purchases, should be used here. It is important to present the benefits of a given product and convince consumers that it will meet their needs.

Define a Potential Customer the First

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The consumer is already convinced to buy and has decided on your product. Now you have to guide him properly and tell USA Person him what to do. Call To Action is important. In addition, you need to make the purchasing path simple, intuitive and fast. Otherwise, the customer will refrain from making a purchase and will probably abandon the cart.

In the AIDA model, the last stage is Action, i.e. finalizing the transaction. Is this really where the sales funnel should end? Definitely not. It is worth knowing that the process of acquiring a new customer is much more difficult than maintaining the loyalty of an existing one.

For this reason, the last stage should be post-sales activities that will make consumers want to come back to you and will think about your brand first when making a purchase.


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