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There is a total of 4.4 zettabytes or 10 to the power of 21 bytes collected in the world. Of this amount of data, 80% of unstructured data is idle. Even though dark data such as videos, texts, social media posts, audio clips, and others have prospects for a business. This information There are several learning path provides great insight into consumer behavior around the world. Data mining is a solution for utilizing unstructured data. Like IBM Watson, this giant device with astonishing speed can read 800 million pages per second. Not only reading skills, IBM Watson can analyze the data to make the right decisions. Proven through the Jeopardy event, IBM Watson can answer questions in the form of quizzes quickly and accurately, beating its competitors, 2 humans with intelligent backgrounds. 4. DARQ DARQ DARQ Maybe .

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Some of you think DARQ is a trending horror game. It is true, the search engine on  technology much because it is still in the development stage. DARQ referred to here means Distributed Ledger – Artificial Intelligence – Extended Reality – Quantum Computing . These four components are collaborated to become the latest technology that will bring the ws data digital era into the next era. The following is an explanation of each component: A. Distributed Ledger Distributed Ledger is a transactional method that allows consumers and businesses to transfer money in ways that are currently impossible. Simple examples such as cryptocurrency and blockchain , data validation becomes very important. This makes it easy for people to make transactions without worrying about hacking from irresponsible parties. B. Artificial Intelligence.

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Technology is familiar because it is still a hot topic in various media. The AI that we are currently experiencing is actually still in the early stages because machines are currently in the learning stage. AI technology is increasing every day in accuracy of up to 95% now. In the next few years, AI machines will become so smart that there will no longer be any doubt about the capabilities of this technology. C. Extended Reality You USA Person can find this technology in games based on VR ( Virtual Reality ) and AR ( Augmented Reality ) as well as MR ( Mixed Reality ). Currently Extended Reality is still not at its true strength, because internet connections and devices on the market still do not support it for everyone. The virtual world that you currently experience through the screen will turn into a fictional.


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