The learning flow is clear

On the data source. It is very important to determine the validity of data so that it can be maintained. Value , the value in the data can determine the decisions taken. This value appears after data processing is complete. There are tools that can be used to The learning flow is clear analyze data in big data . Such as Gephi, Python, NiFi, Tableau, and Netlytic. 2. 5G Technology 5 Generation Signals Source: designed by Freepik 5G or fifth generation is a term used for the branch of cellular telecommunications technology. This technology was created as the next standard phase of 4G. Even though it is still in the planning and formation process, one of the companies in the smartphone sector , namely Huawei, has announced that it will market products with 5G technology. You need to know that this technology is radio waves

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To generation. Its use is to be able to communicate remotely by transferring various data. 5G is still difficult to understand because this technology has not yet been released so the sensation of use cannot be explained in more depth. Perhaps only official information through researchers to recognize the concept of this technology. According to the concept planned by whatsapp data various world developers, 5G has advantages in the form of: Data speeds are significantly more than the previous generation 4G Data transfer between phones is 1 millisecond Can be applied to telephones, cars and other household appliances. Many predict that the transfer speed provided by 5G can reach 800 Giga bytes per second . This speed is 100 times faster than the previous generation. You can download movies in top

There are plans to release this technology

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Puality in just seconds. in 2020 during the big Tokyo Olympics event. However, the more specific date is still being kept secret by 5G developers. 3. Cognitive Cloud Computing Cognitive Computing Cloud Source: macrovector from Freepik Since 2000, 50% of Fortune 500 companies have gone bankrupt, been USA Person acquired, and simply disappeared. New companies are emerging rapidly in their place and this is becoming a disruption for many traditional companies. Cognitive Cloud Computing emerged to facilitate the agility and flexibility of a new company called a startup. Startups will steal market share from business giants that implement archaic systems. An application-based business model that allows startups.


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