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This option is available for download on Android and iOS systems. With the application already configured on your device follow these steps to place the automatic message on. With the app open click on the three dots icon in the upper corner of the screen Menu. Then click Settings to access your application preferences. In this menu click on Business Tools to be able to edit the automatic responses. Here you will have the options of Away Message Greeting Message and others. After choosing the type of message activate the Send Message item and then click. On the pencil icon to edit the text you want to send to your customers.

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Click OK when finished editing. In the options that appear in the sequence define at what times the message will be triggered automatically and which recipients may or may not receive it. Don’t forget to click Save in the top right corner of the screen to get your message up and running. With Business API If your company has a high volume of service Antigua and Barbuda Email List it may be more feasible to use an automation tool. The Business API or Business Solution is a solution launched by Facebook for medium and large companies to enable even more efficient communication. The main objective of this solution is to help companies scale their service and thus improve their relationship with customers.

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This API integrates the messaging application with digital service platforms which means that the company can have several agents in a single phone number. With Business API it is no longer USA Person necessary to have multiple numbers to perform simultaneous calls. Its role is to integrate the application with other automation systems such as CRMs service platforms marketing automation tools among others. With the API it is also possible to create chatbots in your service via . This tool is useful to decongest service capture more leads and take advantage of other features that can improve your business results.


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