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In this context the learning curve is highlighted. In the next few lines we will explain the concept further highlighting how to make a good. Learning curve and why to take it into account when setting up an online course. Read on! Index What does the learning curve mean? How to make a good learning curve? Why worry about the learning curve when putting together an online course? The next steps in distance learning desktop version banner What does the learning curve mean? In a simple definition we can conceptualize the learning curve as a visual representation that demonstrates. How proficiency in a given activity andor discipline has evolved over time.

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In this case in general evolution is divided into two distinct axes: time and learning. Both are presented graphically which simplifies the understanding of progress bringing more clarity. To the observation R&D Directors Email Lists of a student’s performance progress. However it is interesting to point out that this evaluation model was not born with a focus on the educational area. Although the learning curve or knowledge curve was created in by Hermann Ebbinghaus a German specialist in the Psychology of Learning its first use had the purpose of evaluating production costs in industry.

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Over time however the learning curve began to be applied in educational institutions especially in schools as a tool for monitoring students’ learning progress. Nowadays with the digital transformation and the USA Person numerous advances resulting from this movement the knowledge curve can be applied in the most different developments in the field of education such as online courses. How to make a good learning curve? Considering that the learning curve is a mathematical tool it is necessary to bear in mind that its definition is linked to a calculation with the purpose of showing the progress of the student’s performance in a given period.


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