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Thanks to this you will find out how often failures occur. At a give hosting provider that can disrupt the operation of your website. The minimum you should be interested in is an annual Service Level Agreement SLA of. or higher. Anything below this score is a guarantee of problems that will affect the reception of your site. Transfer is the amount of data sent from the server to the users of our website. This means that the more traffic on your website the more bandwidth you need. For small business websites and blogs with little traffic GB is enough. As many as of users leave the website if its loading time exceeds seconds make sure that your website works quickly.

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It is worth reading the offer of hosting companies carefully because some companies offer servers with no data limit which you will often find at a similar price as those with limits. Technical parameters Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists Check carefully whether the hosting uses the current version of the PHP interpreter and the MySQL database. If the hosting offers you archaic versions of PHP. or lower for your sake I advise against this option. Why is it important? Since older versions of the PHP interpreter are no longer actively supported they do not receive updates and therefore are not secure.

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It is true that it will be difficult to find an offer that will be nice for versions of PHP older than. but it is worth bearing in mind. As of today most web hosting providers should have PHP. and up. Capacity USA Person Before publishing your page it’s a good idea to consider how much storage space you’ll need. Will you be posting a lot of photos or videos on your website that take up a lot of space? If so you will eventually run out of disk space and need to increase the space. Messages from email boxes also take up space on the server.


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