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Know what it is and if it is worth having one

New GA4 metrics GA4 brings new metrics that will help to better understand public behavior on the website and apps. It is an evolution of the current model because now the time the user remains on the website or app has greater weight. Engaged sessions. An engaged session happens when the user has the website or app open in the foreground for 10 seconds. If he leaves before then, it will count as a rejection. We highlight the one open in the foreground, because if the user has the website or app open, but in another tab, the session will not be count. User Engaged Sessions. It is the calculation of the average number of sessions that each user engages.

What is a Hybrid App

That is, if a user accesses a pageĀ  times, but only 2 of them remain in the foreground. For 10 seconds (the time needed to count as an engaged session), it means that the average number of engaged sessions per user is 2 sessions. Average engagement time This is the average time the user spent with the application or website Belize WhatsApp Number List in the foreground and is, perhaps, the greatest evolution of the application web vision that has been achieved with GA4. Engagement rate It is the calculation made on the number of people who accessed. The website or app and the number of engaged sessions (which remained for more than 10 seconds in the foreground).

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Advantages of a hybrid application

What happens to historical GA data. Google has yet to reveal. what will happen after Universal Analytics shuts down, but what is known is that data will no longer. Be collect and you will not be able to take GA data into GA4. Therefore, what is recommend by the company itself is to start the migration USA Person as soon as possible by activating the new version and using the two together, until the old version is discontinu. This way, you can accumulate data to use the new version alone in the future. So, were you able to resolve your doubts.

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