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Well-develop circle of friends. outgoing personalities. pursue exciting hobbies. and lead a lifestyle that fascinates others. They should also claim to love the brand. The family will live in a small town in California and consist of four members. Like the reality TV show. there are a camera and a microphone install in the house. Contrary to the film. the family is instruct to sell not only luxury items but everyday items as well. The experiment was carri out for a month. Neighbors were then notifi. An Unintend Result of a Stealth Marketing Experiment Most neighbors were so enthusiastic about the products or product tips recommend by the.

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Mogensons that they bought them outright Cambodia Phone Number List at their next buying opportunity.  hygiene products. clothes or alcohol. The children of this family also have a great influence on the neighborhood. Through peer recommendations. product recommendations strongly influenc parents of nearby children. Men. on the other hand. were more resistant to suggestions. Video recordings show a decidly defensive attitude. But these suggestions are also valid here. Perhaps the most interesting result wasn’t the confirmation that word-of-mouth had a huge impact directly in the neighborhood as well. but how neighbors react after the experiment clarifi.

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No negative reactions occurr.  cheat. They USA Person even admitt to continuing to buy the recommend products. Even after claiming that even the recommend products were hat by the Mogensons. the neighbors still swear by them. They were sure the Mogensons would only recommend products that would benefit their own friends. Of course. it’s not that the Mogensons dislike their product. because it’s a condition of participating in the experiment. Lindstrom hypothesizes that recommend brands appear to be stor elsewhere in the brain. Testimonials are view as personal experiences. easier to remember and easier to understand. A third of neighbors have pass on the Mogensons’ advice to other.


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