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It didn’t matter if there was motivation or not whether he wrote good jokes or bad ones . In this case the main point was not to break the chain . In fact this is the main secret of Seinfeld’s super productivity and stability. How to stop procrastinating Most of those who have succeeded in one or another thing are much more consistent than their peers. While others get bogged down in the problems of everyday life and the struggle between procrastination and motivation they persevere towards their goal no matter what.

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The Seinfeld Strategy works precisely because it sets you up not for results but for progress and movement forward. All it takes is not to break the chain. Warning There is one caveat to this concept. The task you choose should be equally important and easy enough to perform. It’s certainly wonderful if you can write ten pages for your new book in one day. But this is Norway Phone Number List unlikely to contribute to the formation of a stable and consistent chain of actions. Write little but systematically. So the first step is to choose an important and feasible task. Analyze whether her decision will bring you the desired result. Mastery means consistency Let’s discuss a very.

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Important issue that worries a huge number of people in the modern world: how to lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes not only proper nutrition and exercise. it is also research travel art creativity society. Any business requires consistency. It doesn’t matter what exactly the concept of .healthy lifestyle. means to you. Just don’t put it off until later. Don’t waste time. Pull yourself together and start realizing what you want. Let’s hope the .Seinfeld USA Person strategy. will be a great help. Do not break the chain of your workouts and you will come to the desired shape much faster. Do not break the chain of implementation of your business ideas and the result will not be long in coming.


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