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Enter your name here Phone enter yourTime Here you can tell us when we can call you between AM and : Best Get in touch by phone. e-mail Enter your email address here. Comments About Continuing ucation Conferences Lectures: Analyzing statewide and regional continuing ucation databases against various criteria in favor of seminar providers , and publish findings in a study on the use of continuing ucation databases in ucation marketing to analyze market-relevant continuing ucation portals from a provider perspective. The purpose of the study structure study is to provide providers of further training seminars an.

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Up-to-date overview of seminar portals on Philippines Phone Number List the Internet.  and market-relevant continuing ucation databases, including national, state, and regional databases, were examin and evaluat. Seminar portals are examin using the following eight evaluation criteria, each with subordinate indicators: Target group of the portal Basic information about seminar providers and offers Demo options for seminar providers and services Basic about the portal Information (Business Model) Availability Availability Network Visibility and Usage Intensity Booking Options Additional Features Results are present by rank in the overall overview. Furthermore.

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All further training databases are evaluat USA Person against the describ criteria in a separate overview and conclusions are drawn. For each portal, r which providers the portal is suitable and for which target group it is primarily aim. The results lead to the conclusion that surprisingly few portals are best suit for nationwide workshop providers. Only a small fraction of portals examin meet the standard to a particularly high degree. In contrast, the national and regional databases far much better. This study is especially for those who are going through web portal marketing seminars and ne clear and concise decision-making assistance.


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