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Many people do not know how complicated the process of creating a website is and what really affects its price. The cost of designing a modern business card differs from building. A large website and other factors also affect the price. The first and at the same time the most important. Aspect of the price of a professional website is the scope of research. That needs to be done before designing. During the research we collect information about the activities of the company or person. We also try to find out everything about the recipients themselves the target group. For which we build the entire message. The cost of such research depends on its detail and level of advancement.

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However it should be remembered that more detailed research gives us more. Knowledge about future website users which in turn should translate into a conversion rate. Purchase of a product PR Directors Email Lists or service. Number of unique views A unique view is a single layout of a website page that is used many times for example several offer pages that look similar and differ only in content constitute one unique view that has been designed only once. If all subpages of the website look similar and only present different content then we are dealing with only one view.

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Very often the design requires differentiation and part of the portal uses different layouts. The most common types of views are: Home presentation offer graphic gallery contact form FAQ or QA news list single USA Person actuality blog blog categorytag post on a blog store store category product view shopping cart manufacturers list landing page Preparing a graphic design is one of the most difficult stages of website production. This is where the entire appearance is created designed in accordance with the customer’s wishes and taking into account the knowledge about users gained during research.


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