The arrows pointing outward from the logo letters

The marketing campaign hop to encourage consumers. To grow bee-friendly flowers by tying the important . Environmental cause to the product. The arrows pointing packaging. 6. Gillette logo Example of. Gillette logo subliminal advertising. Photo via Wikimia Commons Gillette is known for its razors for men and women. Her logo has a clever subliminal way of showing exactly what the brand does best with its clean cut across the “G” and “i.” 7. NFL In 2012 the NFL ran advertisements for its application NFL Mobile.

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Although comical in nature the underlying Europe Email List message of the commercial is that using the app can help you become more desirable overall. 8. Subway logo Example of subliminal advertising with Subway logo and tagline Photo from Metro via Wikimia Commons Subway is known for being one of the healthiest fast food restaurants in the industry but also for how quickly it prepares its sandwiches. The arrows pointing outward from the logo letters are an indication of this. They mimic the entry and exit points of a subway to make customers understand that Subway is the place to visit when they ne food on the go.

Subway is known for being one of the healthiest fast food

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Marlboro and Formula One Photo of Marlboro USA Person  and Formula One example of subliminal advertising Museo y Circuito Fernando Alonso: 2010 Ferrari F10 by Fernando Alonso da Morio licens under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimia Commons The Marlboro tobacco company has advertis on Formula One race cars but not in the more obvious way it might have with television or social mia ads. Instead it add barcodes that mimic those found on a pack of. Marlboro cigarettes to bring to mind the box’s familiar design.

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