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This is important so that the reader feels connected with the message in the first few seconds. Finally even if in a simple way it adds a practical and easy-to-understand CTA. Spotify Like the vast majority of streaming services Spotify maps user behavior. On the platform in order to better understand listener needs by delivering content that is relevant to them. Therefore if you are in the habit of listening to a certain musical genre or artist. A regular basis the platform creates a playlist with all the news that might interest you.

What is the privacy policy

This email is a good example of personalization because in addition to being. Within the visual identity of the service as Spotify knows the persona very well it manages. To deliver personalized content Djibouti Email List focused on the public. So just click on the CTA button and the reader will be forward. The list of songs with the news of the moment. Another important point is that in addition to the unsubscribe link from the email list Spotify also makes the platform’s privacy policy very visible which is important for the lead to know why she is receiving this email. Uber In addition to offering a discount coupon which in itself already attracts the attention of leads in the email above Uber uses other strategies to make the person who received the email continue reading and take some action.

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What is a privacy policy and how to write it correctly

The first is the use of a GIF logo in the email header this is a way to show the items that received the discount without having to list them one by one. Next Uber uses the urgency trigger informed that the USA Person customer only has until pm to take advantage of the discount. Finally in the body of the email practical and clear CTA buttons were used that inform exactly what the lead has to do. And of course at the end of the email you will find the service channels privacy policy and preference settings.


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