How to effectively use neural networks in marketing

For this the following equation should be used: Sound complex? Calm! Let’s explain in detail what each element represents: the y as a rule indicates the average. Time that an individual demands to complete a task. But as we are adapting the formula to the educational context in this case we should consider it as the average grade that the student reached after doing a certain number of activities; C represents the grade that the course student achieved the first time; X corresponds to the number of times the student performed the assessment task; b finally is equivalent to the slope parameter of the function establishing the student’s learning with in cases where the student learns quickly and with in cases where there was no demonstration of learning.

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Of course you won’t get a b as soon as you start applying this metric to evaluate students in your online course. After all it is necessary for them to perform some activities so that it is possible to start Engineering Directors Email Lists calculating it. However in the end the representation of the equation in a matrix will result in the learning curve that will help in the evaluation of individual performance in the Virtual Learning Environment VLE. Shall we go to an example to facilitate understanding? Imagine that you want to measure the progress of a student in an online course focused on the benefits of physical activity in the aging process.

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So suppose that at the end of the first module in the assessment the student obtained a grade of. In the second module the same student had a superior performance concluding the respective USA Person evaluation with grade. Finally maintaining a growing performance the student obtained in the last two modules grades and. Given this information we know that your average grade is equivalent to. Also the C corresponds to while our X according to the example equals.


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