Directing your event to a specific

Strategic production team, why not buy targeted courses and training now, everything will be easier, do you agree? And don’t think that  niche market will sell your product to a few people, the opposite is true: for example, if you have the capacity to service a company and there is a company in the area of ​​your event with You cooperate. Ideal customer profile, you only need %. It’s a way to become scalable, become an industry reference, and, in addition, charge more for your services because you’re an expert in a field.

In addition to directing the entire process and sales pitches

last case you saturate a certain segment Lithuania Phone Number List you just have to move on to the next segment. , persona, and target audience? One of the common mistakes in marketing strategies is not defining all profiles or still believing that everyone is the same. Let me explain the difference: Personas are semi-fictional characters that represent your business customers. It’s created from real behavioral data drawn from research on customers you own. Data is compiled and compared from which to create your persona.

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Pedro hopes to find new partners to come

Learn How to Create Your Personas: What Are Roles in Digital USA Person ? All you must know! Example role: Pedro ( ) is a Purchasing Manager who performs important functions in the furniture industry where he works, such as raw material research, and is responsible for budgeting and purchasing. Purchasing Manager, aged , married with one child; Graduated in Business Administration, Graduated in Finance; He works for a company with 100 employees that plans to grow. Objectives Find new reliable suppliers; Improve product quality without increasing existing costs; Find new efficient forms of automation.


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