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Advantages of having a secure website This security also WhatsApp 80% use brings benefits. Relevance in organic search (SEO) Search engines always want to offer the best experience for their users. They indicate sites that, in addition to being fast and with relevant content, are also safe. That’s why this item has gained more and more importance in Google’s algorithms for good indexing . Offering visitors a safe environment to consume content is essential to generating results in the digital world. Credibility If you have a virtual store , there is no doubt, your customer is more comfortable providing their data if your site is secure.

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With the growth of hacker attacks, information leakage and viruses, it is common to be afraid when registering sensitive information such as bank details for transactions in e-commerces. But it’s not just in this case. Even if it’s just an institutional website, having the secure website symbol next to your domain brings peace of mind and more credibility to your business. What are the types of SSL certificates? Having an SSL certificate South Africa WhatsApp Number List has become essential these days because browsers accuse sites that don’t have them as unsafe. This directly affects the organic traffic to your page. That the administrator is indeed responsible for acquiring the security certificate.

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However, you need to know that there are different types of SSL and they can validate beyond your website domain, subdomains and also the company itself as a physical organization. Next, we will explain what are the types of SSL, their differences and the best option for your company. Domain Validated Domain Validated is the simplest and most popular type among websites. It is used to check and validate the website, confirming USA Person that the data transmitted between the company and the user will be encrypted and the information will be kept secure against third-party interception. This template certifies that the site has been properly register.


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