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Everything You Need to Know About the Ga4

They need to relate to your business so when people google it, you show up as the right answer. Therefore, all pages need to have keywords strategically thought out to attract the public and, thus, start the purchase journey. Then use the keywords in the titles and intertitles of the contents, in the URLs of the pages, in the Alt Text of the images, etc. 2- Capriche in the Meta Description The meta description is nothing more than that brief summary that appears below the title of the site on Google .

What changes with the GA4

Meta description is important for SEO This is one of the SEO tips that many people miss. Even though the meta description is not a ranking factor in algorithms, it still has a very important strategic role. When carrying out the search, the user reads its description China WhatsApp Number List and understands whether the site is what he needs or not. That’s why it’s essential that it contains the keyword you defined in the previous step, drawing even more user attention. Be direct and objective in the meta description , making it clear what the user will find on the site. 3- Use Alt Text on images.

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GA4 eliminates the Property View

While Google is able to identify the content of images using the technology, for SEO, it requires images to have Alt Text (alternative text), which acts as a description of the image. Therefore, it is very important that you add keywords to the alternative text , so you can reinforce the content of the page and rank better. 4 – Decrease page load time The slowness of the site USA Person is one of the biggest causes of bounce that can exist and makes Google severely penalize companies. Users are estimated to wait up to 5 seconds for a page to completely load . There are some tools that you can use to measure the loading time of your pages.

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