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In any case, both possibilities offer excellent conditions to customers and bring benefits to the business, such as. Delinquency reduction customer loyalty revenue predictability and much more. In addition to the highlighted points, another favorable aspect of the recurring payment is that the fees charged in the recurrence model are much more attractive than those of the traditional installment plan. Recurring payment fees are lower. Recurring payments made using a credit card, direct debit or bank slip. In the end, the PIX is cheaper than other means of payment – ​​such as the fees charged by card operators and ticket issuers.

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Credit card fees, which are charge by the operator generated per transaction and occur both in recurrence. Through the credit card and in traditional installments. However, there is a considerable difference in the amount of fees. While in the recurrence a credit fee is charged, which varies between 1% and 2.5%, in the traditional installment, they Iran WhatsApp Number List vary from 2.9 to 7%. This happens because, in the second case, they are defined based on the number of installments made. In the case of subscriptions made via bank slip, there is a fee for issuing the slip charged by the platform used or by the payment gateway.

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The values ​​vary according to the contracted company. On the other hand, in November 2020, PIX arrived on the Brazilian market. A potential partner for companies that use recurring payment. With it, transactions happen instantly and the fees charged promise to be even lower. Individuals, for example, can pay and receive PIX for free. In the case of USA Person companies, each financial institution can choose to charge different fees, up to a maximum limit of R$10 per transaction. Even if these amounts vary according to the number of transactions, they will still be lower than those practiced by other means of payment.


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